Do you remember a time when a situation in your life felt so dark and unknown that you couldn’t imagine how it could turn around?
Maybe you felt like there was no way you would get that job you really wanted or find a partner to love. Then – all of a sudden – something happened and it worked out well for you, the situation resolved itself, in a way that was even better than you ever could have dreamed.Feelmagic
When you face a situation that seems hopeless I find it helps to draw on times like this. Close your eyes and bring forward in your memory what it felt like when everything worked out even better than you thought it could.
Feel the feelings of wonder, joy and relief you felt in those moments and believe in the possibility that any other situation you may face can work out as well.
Put your energy into hope and a positive outcome even when it feels like you have no reason to be hopeful.
Hope, it has such magical abilities when we allow ourselves to believe.