Do you struggle with trust issues or fear and feel like therapy is not a good option for you? Listen as one of Bev Crossman’s treasured clients shares how her support has made her stronger, changed her outlook on life and taken much of her physical pain away.

See why she now, very seriously, measures her life in BB (Before Bev) and AB (After Bev) and then ask yourself: Are you ready to see how Bev will empower you to live YOUR best life?

I’ve been in and out of therapy since I was 12, when I wrote a suicide letter. The first time I thought of ending everything though, I was 8 years old. It was my eighth birthday. My teacher told me that I was “good for nothing” and, when I started to cry, I was called a baby. I took these words to be truth and they became the words that defined me.

I developed an irrationally large fear of failure. So many opportunities, I let pass because I “just knew” that I would fail.

I started self-mutilating when I was 14. No therapist, psychiatrist or psychologist could help. No medication made the world seem brighter. When I was 15, due to family issues, I developed severe trust issues and was sure I would always be alone.

I carved words into my thigh – ugly, loser, and failure, fat, stupid. For about a year, I wouldn’t allow them to heal; I never allowed myself to forget. Even when they finally did heal, I was left with the scars – forever reminding me.

A co-worker started seeing Bev and after her first appointment, knowing of some of my issues, told me I needed to go see her. For months, I ignored her as she told me again and again that it would help. Read more…



Bev’s gentle, loving, non-judgemental work ethic made it easy for me to be honest with her. I dove in head first and Bev was there to guide me and teach me the tools I would need to awaken my authentic self.

Sometimes it was scary, sometimes thrilling, and sometimes hilarious, but overall, it was enlightening and wonderful. Bev’s patient approach is so beneficial because she makes it easy to heal. She makes healing a positive experience even when it is a struggle, and that enables a person to learn to love themselves in an open and safe environment.

We worked over the phone and using Skype. I have never physically sat in the same room as Bev, but it wasn’t necessary. We spoke face to face on Skype, and the treatments were done while we were almost 3000 miles apart!

I could feel myself getting stronger each time we spoke and I am eternally grateful for the help that I received when I so desperately needed it. I wish I could articulate how much better I began to feel so soon after we talked that first night on the phone. It has been nothing short of a miracle.

You’re amazing and I’m honoured to have had the blessing of working with you.

Marianne Stevensen

As a doctor who specializes in chronic pain, I realize that my patients need more than medical relief; they require counseling and support.  It is hard to function when you suffer from chronic pain and nobody is able to understand what it means to live with this on a day-to-day basis.  My patients need to…develop more confidence in themselves.  This is why I refer them to Bev.   Bev is able to share her knowledge in such a wonderful way.  She is so full of life, and that is what my patients need.

Dr. Manon LeRoux

Medical doctor

I have attended a few of Bev’s workshops and have found that she has an unconquerable optimism.  Bev’s living spirit shines through in her work .  Bev’s presentations are engaging, intelligent and highly entertaining.  Her selection of courses offers a true connection with people and issues of life including friends, fun, family, faith and spiritual growth and development.

Bev shows a real enthusiasm for her work and I believe that her joyful personality coupled with her storytelling ability and authentic presence will lead her to become very successful in this unique entrepreneurial endeavor. I would not hesitate to recommend any of her courses to my colleagues and friends, and would also be open to opportunities to purchase additional courses through her company.

Darlene Doiron

Conflict Resolution Advisor, Fisheries & Oceans Canada

Bev worked through each life issue with me, one at a time, in a respectful, non-invasive manner.  I was surprised how many things had affected me through the years that I had hidden from myself out of protection.  I began to feel the old me surfacing again, but more importantly so did my family and friends.  My confidence returned and for the first time in a while I began to set goals for myself.


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